Since 2005, the city of New Orleans, where the Minority Report was founded, has been described in two eras: “before the storm,” and “after the storm.” One of the greatest triumphs of New Orleans, before the storm, was that the small business community thrived; but after the storm, it was the small business community that was hurt the most. It was from this observation that the “Minority Report” was created, through the leadership of W. Anthony Patton, MBA and the Do-WAP Agency. “Equity is the driving force of business development. We have to believe there is an equal chance to obtain the American Dream”, says Patton.

June 20, 2013, the New Orleans City Council voted unanimously to approve extensive changes to the city’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program. Mayor Mitch Landrieu was joined by City Council members and business leaders as he signed into law, an ordinance, that significantly reforms the City’s disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) program to improve fairness and consistency, and strengthen compliance with City’s overall 35% DBE participation goal for public contracts.

“This new law is a major milestone that demonstrates the City’s commitment to inclusion, fairness and accountability,” said Barbara Major, a member of a business advocacy group called The Collaborative. “As we continue rebuilding the community, it’s critically important to make sure our small and marginalized businesses are at the table and have opportunities for public work.”

The primary purpose of the Minority Report publication, website, and gala is to highlight the available businesses who have capacity that will empower and grow minority firms. Our goal is to expand the Minority Report brand to large urban markets across the United States, beginning with Texas, Louisiana, and the southeast. The “Houston 100” is a new venture, launching January 16, 2021. It is a resource guide for businesses owned and operated by diverse members of the Houston community who will benefit by being centrally located in a publication accessible to the local, state, and federal government, privately-owned businesses, political leaders, and especially residents of the local community. The Minority Report (H100) extends its reach to every citizen to participate and display their unique products, abilities, and services.


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